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Hay and Forage Equipment

KUHN has long been recognized as the world leader in hay-making equipment, with mowing machines, tedders and rakes that are famous for their quality, performance, reliability and longevity.

Harvesting high-quality hay and forage is a core value for Kuhn. Whether you are a large or small operation, cutting and conditioning either grass or alfalfa, Kuhn offers many different models of disc mower conditioners to meet your hay-cutting needs.

As well, Kuhn provides a wide variety of rotary rakes and tedders that provide hay producers with the ability to put up faster drying, better quality hay.

For maximum return on your hay investment dollar, see Noble Tractor and Equipment for your next purchase of reliable Kuhn hay products.

Disc Mower Conditioner Brochures

Disc Mowers

Front & Rear Mower & Mower Conditioner Combinations

GMD Disc Mowers

Trailed Mower Conditioners

Rakes, Tedders and Mergers

GA Single Rotor Rakes Brochure

GF102 & GF1002 Series Tedders

Hay Mergers

Kuhn GA Twin Rotor Rakes

Kuhn Wheel Rakes

MM902 Hay Merger

Tedder Rake Combination

Baler and Wrapper Brochures

Large Square Balers Brochure

Round and Square Bale Wrappers

VB VBP 2160, 2190 Round Balers Brochure

VB VBP 2200 Series Round Balers Brochure


KUHN Plows help increase crop productivity, while helping preserve soil quality. For your tillage practices that require the burying of all trash or cover crops, KUHN’s line of modern, high-capacity plows can help meet your plowing needs. The future of farming depends on profitability, so with all the latest innovations, KUHN plows last longer, and have lower maintenance costs, too.

Mounted Rollover Plows

Semi-Mounted Conventional Plows

Semi-Mounted Rollover Plows

Power Harrows and Power Tillers:

If you need to meet diverse seedbed preparation challenges, look to KUHN Power Tillers and Harrows to provide efficient and reliable performance with the versatility to excel in a wide range of working conditions. With adaptable features, durable construction, and heavy-duty drives, KUHN Power Tiller and Power Harrows are the tillage tools of choice.

EL Series Power Tillers

HRB & HR Series Power Harrows

Fertilizer Spreaders:

Kuhn’s quality fertilizer spreaders are designed for reducing costs, fast adjustment, easy calibration and a precise spread pattern for increased yields. Adjustment in both length and angle permit the broadcast of small and large seeds, as well as powdered, granular and pelletized fertilizers.

Axent Precision Fertilizer Spreader

Axis Fertilizer Spreaders

MDS Fertilizer Spreaders


Kuhn Group is the worldwide leader in Manure Spreaders which are marketed through the Kuhn Knight brand. Kuhn offers a full range of Side-Discharge and Rear-Discharge Spreaders to meet the needs of your operation.

Manure Spreaders

Rear-Discharge Spreaders

With over 60 years of experience, KUHN KNIGHT is the leader in innovative box spreaders. Apron and push-type box spreaders are available to spread all types of solid materials. KUHN KNIGHT offers the ProPush and commercial ProSpread models which are available in several beater options for consistent spreading to maximize nutrient value.

Prospread 160 Box Spreader

ProSpread Box Spreaders

ProSpread Commercial Box Spreader

Side-Discharge Spreaders

KUHN KNIGHT is the leader in side-discharge spreaders. From solids to slurry, the ProTwin Slinger can spread the widest variety of materials, while providing an even and controlled spread pattern. This accurate application will continue to help you use the nutrient value of manure and help reduce purchased fertilizer costs.

ProTwin SL100 Series Side Discharge Spreaders

ProTwin Slinger 8100 Series

TMR Mixers

Whether you are mixing 100% hay or 100% grain or any ration in between KUHN KNIGHT has the right mixer to meet your needs, with the most complete TMR mixer line on the market today. Vertical Maxx Mixers mix the widest variety of feedstuffs, including round bales. The 4-Auger machines allow incorporation of up to 50% alfalfa hay and require less horsepower than other types of mixers. The Reel Auggie and Commercial Reel Mixers provide superior mix quality.

TMR Mixers, 270 to 760 cu ft, Brochure

Vertical TMR Mixers, 800 to 1320 cu ft, Brochure

Vertical Maxx Twin Auger TMR Brochure